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We are SO honored you welcomed My Crystal Bliss to your doorstep! Your box is filled with delightful crystals and stones and other artisan created spiritual and wellness goodies chosen with great intent of energy, beauty, and connection just for you. We take pride in curating gifts with attention to rarity, uniqueness, and limited quantities, to provide you with a truly one of a kind experience. Most of the items are exclusive to this box and not available for purchase individually (though we do sell remaining inventory after boxes have shipped). We hope you enjoy each piece!

What's In Your March 2021 Box?

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Pink Andean Opal Tower
(Larger Pink point)

AAA Quality from Peru. Andean Opals are opals without the “fire” of usual opals, and beautiful in their own right. Pink Andean Opal speaks to us about love and gentleness, energies of gentle love and kindness to both romantic relationships and relationships with ourselves and others. It teaches us inspiration, imagination, creativity. This ston will help us release inhibitions and bring happy dreams. Pink Andean Opal is supportive during the process of change. Such a lovely gentle sweet stone! {Valued $33 each.}

Rainbow Moonstone
(White-ish with black stone)

Rainbow Moonstone is a white stone with rainbow “flash” in it, as well as a little bit of black tourmaline inclusions. It is all about the divine feminine energy, moon cycles (physically and honoring the earthly moon cycles). It dissolves our fears about our life purpose, and helps with dreams and opening our intuition. Helps with a clearer connection to the angelic realm. Rainbow Moonstone can dissolve fears of soul purpose and allow more light in to our cells. Use this stone to understand your dreams.  {Valued at $9 each.}

Fuchsite with Ruby + Kyanite
(Green with pink + blue bits stone)

Fuchsite is the main green mineral, with bits of Ruby (pink/red) and a little blue Kyanite. This stone brings emotions into awareness for clearing and understanding. Fuchsite with Ruby & Kyanite can help clear emotional baggage, with support of Mother Earth and an open heart. It reminds us to embrace life, confidence, and open our intuition. It can aid in courage to overcome problems. {Valued at $8 each.}

Lepidolite Heart
(Flashy purple heart)

LOVELY AAA GEM Quality Lepidolite! This quality of Lepidolite is VERY rare to find! It's so soothing and calming, is healing to our feminine or receptive selves. Lepidolite encourages serenity and is relaxing to our mental and emotional bodies. This stone can assist in releasing grief or emotional processing. {Valued at $28 each.}

Jasmine Clementine Bath Salts by Benjamin Soap Co
Bath salts are hand packed in recyclable plastic bags and contain just under 3 ounces of bath salts, which is perfect for a one time use! Contains: sea and Epsom salts, pink Himalayan salts, organic clays and / or 100% natural and wild harvested organic flowers & steam distilled essential oils. {Valued at $8 each.}

BiColor Tourmaline Adjustable Bracelet
Bracelet is multicolored faceted gorgeous Tourmaline. Tourmaline has a strong calming effect that will offer relief from stress. It helps calm overwhelm and busy-ness. This stone is perfect for personal insight and seeing beauty, light, and love around you. It aids in a state of gratitude and blessings. Tourmaline promotes kindness and compassion for others. {Valued at $33 each.}

Dani Naturals Lemongrass + Lavender Soy Candle
An easy, environmentally friendly way to scent any smaller space. Bring them along wherever you go! Light weight, sturdy and airplane-friendly. 2oz Lemongrass Lavender is a unique blend of sweet lemongrass, bergamot, geranium, lavender and rosemary. (Cool fact: it is also a natural bug deterrent - perfect for lighting outdoors!) {Valued at $8 each.}

White Sage Wand
Hand-harvested in California. The smoke from the dried herb is used to bless, cleanse and heal, as the sage is used to clear away influences or energy when you need a sacred space, clarity, or inner peace. You can use it to clear your crystals and gemstones, jewelry, your living space, office, bedrooms, your AURA and your SELF, and anything you feel needs clearing. Sage and smoke based medicinal remedies have been used in many traditions for centuries, and a scientific study in 2006 showed it clears bacteria from the air.

{Valued at $6 each.}

Abalone Shell for burning sage
To burn the sage safely, hold the shell under the sage to catch any ash. {Valued at $5 each.}

Rejuven(aid) Plant Mask
Pamper your skin with potent, iconic herbs that have been used throughout history to treat and protect the natural skin barrier. Our biodegradable cotton-thread masks are enriched with all-natural ingredients, to comfortably fit the contours of the face for maximum absorption, adhesion, and repair. Just 20 minutes of self-care with a sheet mask is all you need to make your skin happy! Avocados are known for their rich, “good” fats, which are not only great to eat but great to apply topically to the skin to boost overall skin health. {Valued at $4 each.}

Davidson's Sleep Tea

Your crystal subscription box is worth over $150 retail value before shipping!

Your Digital Gifts

Spring Equinox + Cleaning Meditation
Click to download/listen.
A Crystalline Light exclusive musical meditation with energetic intentions for your spring cleaning and clearing energies. {Valued at $5.}

Spring Equinox Crystal Reading
Click to download.
Your Spring Equinox Crystal Reading! {Valued at $22.}

Spring Equinox Clearing Ritual + Workbook
Click to download.
A Crystalline Light created ritual workbook for clearing your space and setting intentions for the Spring season. {Valued at $5.}

FREE Crystal Energy Basics Course
A beginners course on using Crystal Energy, with lifetime access, and all by video.
A $95 Value!
Click image to gain access.

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A crystal meditation playlist on Spotify
Over 10 hours of Crystal Energy Soothing Music!

Important Note About Your Box!

If anything arrives broken or damaged, please do let us know immediately after opening the box with a photo. We’ll do our best to replace it, but given limited quantities on most items, we don’t guarantee it will be the exact item. After 7 days of the shipping date we cannot guarantee replacement. Email us at

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EnJOY your crystal bliss!

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