rootchakracopyrightjennifersalnessdotcomChakra’s are energy centers within and around our body, and while we have many of them, there are seven main chakra’s. The root chakra is the base, the seat of all life and creation. It is located at the base of our spine and is the color red.

Energetically, the root chakra connects us to survival, the knowledge that we are humans who despite technology and advances in the society, still have to “hunt and gather” on some level for our basic needs to be met. It rules our security, how safe we feel in the world, and is our base of community and family. A strong root chakra, through conscious acknowledgement, study, energy work, and awareness of it’s deep and complicated energy, will allow us to feel secure and stable, energetically grounded, and rooted firmly in our physical bodies.

Crystals and stones offer us support and energy. They ARE truly the heart of the Earth. Their properties are no different than our own individual personalities, each unique and wonderful. And two pieces of the same stone will feel different, just as twins still have their own identity. The stone kingdom is here to guide and support us, not necessarily to “heal” us, as only we can do that ourselves. They bring us awareness of energies within ourselves that we possess and can access at any time.

Suggestions for the Root Chakra:

Garnet ~ A deeply rich red stone that asks us to be physically present, to allow our blood to flow freely with health and vitality, and to help root us into the earth. It is a great pocket or purse stone when you need to be focused and “here” instead of floaty and unaware.

Hematite ~ This stone is one that people either love or hate. It’s metallic black color is all about focus, concentration, being present with stability. Hematite is at times used for “protection” from energies we don’t need to feel or take on as our own. It is a great stone for allowing TRUST in ourselves.

Smoky Quartz ~ Smoky Quartz is a favorite for calming, loving support. It can feel like a warm embrace from the earth when you need to feel grounded, safe, secure. The message of “all is well” is present, and reminds us that life is about change and growth, but to not stop it with fear and overwhelm.

Working with all of these stones can open your root chakra. Use them in meditation, have them in your space, include them in your pockets and purse, create crystal grids … there are endless possibilities about how to use crystals.


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