Intuitive Crystal Readings

The earth has deep wisdom and support to share with us.

She is alive and vibrant and shows herself through minerals and gemstones around the world.

When we can consciously tune into their gifts and messages, we can remember the same gifts that are always within ourselves. There are unlimited ways they can work in co-creation with our human lives.

It's my honor to offer crystal readings by email, and is a wonderful way to receive guidance for your life from the crystal kingdom. They offer supportive, clear energy. I tune into your energy and through a special set of crystals and stones that I use for readings, specific crystals and stones make themselves known to me that will be supportive on your journey. They'll share energetic messages with you.


My own crystal path has been long and varied, teaching myself about crystals mostly through using them and from a variety of crystal teachers. I started taking intuition development classes in 1997, as well as many {many} other healing, intuitive, and spiritual modalities, and am always learning. There is no one way to use or tune into crystals that is "right". I believe we all have the power to do it ourselves. But I do have the ability to tune into YOUR SOUL and know what crystals and stones may be helpful to you right now. It's such a joy for me to be able to connect you with the energy of crystals.

A happy client says:
"The crystal card reading you did for me in January has been so "on"...it's amazing! I've found it incredibly helpful throughout the past few months. Thank you so much!"

All readings are by email and include 3 crystals as your reading (or more). I tune into your energy and higher self, so readings are completely unique to you. No two readings are ever alike. You can email me your question, or I can intuitively tune in to what you need at the moment.

You will receive your reading in 5 - 8 days. As a bonus to each reading, your name is added to my daily healing meditation practice.

Thank you!

I do look forward to sharing insights from the mineral kingdom with you!

* All readings are strictly non-refundable. If you are not US-based and the button does not work for you, just email me a note and I'll send a PayPal invoice instead. Thanks.

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