Crystal Message from the Badlands

I recently returned home from a much needed vacation with my husband to South Dakota. A change of scenery and long road trips are so good for the soul.

We enjoyed relaxing, experiencing an amazing natural hot spring resort, and visiting LOTS of rock shops. (We even nabbed a bunch of beloved raw South Dakota Rose Quartz for the shop ... coming soon.)

On our way home, we drove through the Badlands. Because we spent 3 days doing more than I had been used to and more than my health could handle, I was feeling weary, heavy, and ready to get home. But the off-the-beaten path that Google decided we needed, and going through the National Park, was exactly what I needed at those moments.

The Badlands are so austere, barren, and sharp.

The area just does its thing of being ground, showing off its layers of time.

And yet, is solid, firm, and clear.
It contains movement and growth.

I needed the reminder.

Life is tough for many people right now.

The Badlands shared that we can feel prickly and sharp at times, and it is okay.

It’s a cycle.
There are layers.
It is deep with crevices of mystery.

When we sink into the clarity of who we are at our core, at our heart, 

Crystal in the Badlands

we can remember that the prickly parts are gifts. They remind us to soften as needed, or to remain share as needed. There is no judgement to either aspect.

Eventually we’ll find soft edges again.

I had a Lemurian Seed Crystal with me for support. Lemurians are here to remind us of the layers of time within ourselves. They were "planted" by the Lemurian civilization with eons of spiritual information that we can now access. Lemurians are all heart and love, while still being true to clarity and direction. It was the perfect crystal to show me that time is irrelevant and that All Is Well.

What are YOU experiencing that needs this reminder?

A note about crystals and stones: they do not “heal” us. They do remind us of who we are, however, which is always perfect and divine, but we sometimes forget this fact. The law of resonance applies when working with the mineral kingdom, which is ‘like attracts like’. When we bring our bodies and energies into contact with a crystal or stone, we will resonate or vibrate at the same level. This resonance teaches us to embody the gift or “personality” of the crystal. And the usual disclaimer: always consult a medical doctor or mental health practitioner when in need.

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