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Are you fascinated by the energy of crystals?
Want to learn more about using crystals in your every day life?
Seeking answers to improve your life or expand your spiritual awareness?

We're inviting heart-centered + high vibe crystal, wellness, spirituality lovers for members only access to crystal insights and education!

Join Crystalline Light to gain crystal wisdom and insight with a new vibrant crystal community.

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Private Facebook Community

We're based on Facebook in a closed group, which allows you easy access, live streaming, and most importantly, connecting with other crystal lovers.

Crystal Readings

Monthly Crystal Readings LIVE with crystal intuitive Jennifer Salness. An opportunity to get your questions answered from the empowering crystal kingdom.

Mini Workshops

Monthly Live Workshop on a variety of topics from crystals to wellness to essential oils to flower essences to crystal grid making and MORE!

Crystal Guides

You'll have access to exclusive printable Crystal Guides, Moon Guides, e-books, and other digital items!

Gem Show Access

We're giving you an inside look and advance purchasing priority at the Gem Shows we attend a few times a year. You'll get first access to photo's and LIVE video from the show, plus opportunities to purchase crystals directly from the shows.


Join in a quarterly guided meditation for peace, calm, balance, chakra healing, and whatever else we decide to create!

Crystal Energy Reports

Monthly intuitive information for the upcoming month with crystal energy for your life.

Instant Answers

Got questions on crystals? Ask in the group for input from the community! We all have experiences to share!

Crystal Sales + Discounts

Members only access to new crystals, jewelry, mists, and other tools, plus occasional discounts for online shopping.

(Remember, you must have a Facebook profile to join our community.)

Our Philosophy

The crystal and mineral kingdom is here to support and energize our human and spiritual path. They remind us of who we are within ourselves ... always perfect and always sparkly!

Who is the Creator?

Hi! I'm owner Jennifer Salness, and I have almost 20 years experience in the crystal business. It's been an amazing journey of experiencing the crystals and listening to their messages. I love to share all things crystals and wellness to help you find your inner sparkle, that beautiful place deep within that is YOU. Let's work together to SHINE!

What Other Are Saying

I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the live session last night. I have an 11 year old daughter who had been OBSESSED with, as she has always called them, special stones, since she was able to walk and pick up rocks to put in her pocket. She just loves you and your energy, as do I. She researches on her own as well and has come across different people that are in "the business." And we are both agreed that you are, by far, the most genuine.

You were spot on with this reading! Thank you so very much!

thank you for sending so quickly! both the smoky quartz crystal and fuschite are gorgeous. so glad I found your shop! cheers and namaste

I'm a Crystal Healer and I love taking a look at what Crystalline Light has posted. There are so many great articles, photos, and tidbits to be found.

Jennifer, you always choose wonderful stones for me when I buy online. I know this. But I bought an Ocean Jasper from you about a year ago, and to be honest, I've looked at it many many times not really being attracted to it very much. Well guess what- I finally figured out why I needed it. There were souls with messages hiding in there that I hadn't noticed before. I'm sure I will see more messages as time goes on, but I just wanted to express my appreciation. Thank u! U have such good intuition on picking stones!


* This is a sacred space. Keep it respectful and loving in all interactions. We are here to share experiences, insights, and love.
* Be mindful of the energy you bring to this space. Be gentle stewards and guides to help each other. Good vibes only!
* Posts should be related to crystals + stones, flower + gem essences, essential oils (NO networking marketing talk please), sound healing, or other holistic/spiritual topics. There is no such thing as a dumb question. Keep posts simple and limited to 1 - 2 posts/photo's a day.
* Posts should not contain any marketing, trades, readings, sales, donation or fundraiser pages, giveaways, other groups or pages, etc, unless approved with prior notice by Admin. Private messaging members with the same types of posts are not allowed. You are free to post personal items or purchases from other places without mentioning where they are from.
* Admin reserves the right to remove posts that aren't appropriate, turn off or delete comments without notice, remove/block members for inappropriate behavior. This should be a given, but any bullying, bigotry, or unsupportive behavior is not tolerated. If you see this happening, please report it to Admin.
* Issues with Crystalline Light online shop orders should be directed to and not in the group.
* Questions, comments, concerns should be directed to Admin privately.
* HAVE FUN! Be joyful! This space is intended for us to find our own inner sparkle through the tools and energy of the earth and Love.


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