5 Simple Ways to Find Clarity & Usher in Peace: Be in the Now

In this blog series, we’re exploring ways to find clarity and calm.

Part 1 was all about breathing, and you can read it here.
Part 2 was focused on various meditation methods, which is found here.
Part 3 was CRYSTALS! Read it here.
Part 4 is all FLOWER essences, and is here to read.

Be in the Now

Breathing leads to peace. Meditation, Crystals, and Flower Essences all bring you to yourself.

And Being in the NOW is the ability to let go of your past, let go of the future, and really focus on this moment.

I am sure you’ve all had moments of being completely in the present moment.

It happens while you’re looking into the face of your sleeping child. Or as you listen to an amazing piece of live music. As you do ANYthing that you absolutely LOVE with all your heart. For me it happens while I’m walking on a long beautiful beach.

It’s when rest of the world disappears around you. Nothing else enters your mind. The lists disappear. The concerns of life vanish.

And all you have is this VERY moment to just breathe, be, and soak in the love.

The more you can BE in the present moment, the more it will offer you glimpses of true clarity. It is the space of unlimited potential that has ALL intentions of supporting you with light and goodness.

There is no quick fix or fast way to learn to be in the Now. Time, patience, and willingness is all that is needed to get there.

And once you’re there, you’ll suddenly realize what a gift it is to be surrounded by the NOW!

My wish is these reminders bring clarity and peace to your heart.

And as always, use your own intuition as to what works for you, as not everything will work the same for everyone.

Thank you for allowing me to share these reminders with you. Many blessings to you!

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