5 Simple Ways to Find Clarity & Usher In Peace: Meditation

In this blog series, we’re exploring ways to find clarity and calm.
Part 1 was all about breathing, and you can read it here.

My suggestion of a great tool to help you find peace?

2) Meditation

Oh gosh, I can hear you freaking out a bit, thinking, “What?! I have to learn to sit still, be quiet, and not think for hours in a dark room?!”

Hell no!

Meditation can be a variety of different forms, and while one way IS to sit quietly and empty your mind completely for hours at a time, it’s not THE way for everyone. Meditation is a way for us to relax, clear our minds and hearts, and just ALLOW the universe to guide us. It is about LETTING GO and not about concentration, focusing, visualizing, or stopping your thoughts. It is time for you to just BE.

There are many ways to meditate:

Just sit in pure silence. No distractions, no cell phone, no music, nothing. You don’t even have to “do” anything or consciously rid yourself of thoughts. Just allow yourself to be here for as long as is comfortable. Typically, the longer you sit in silence, the more it opens you up to clarity.

Taking a walk around a beautiful lake or in a scenic area—heck, even in your own noisy neighborhood if that’s all ya got—is a great way to meditate. Be aware of each step as you place your foot on the ground in front of you. Be aware of the sounds of nature around you. Be aware of your heart and how it feels as you move your body. Just open up your consciousness for nature to inform you.

Crystal singing bowls provide instant relaxation through their resonant tones. The energy of quartz crystal is ‘released’ into the air, combined with the frequency of sound it is producing. Any form of sound healing, whether it’s Tibetan singing bowls, toning, singing, or tuning forks are great tools for meditation. The sound is deeply relaxing and healing on many levels and can bring us to new dimensional levels of clarity. If you don’t have bowls readily available, YouTube is a great place to find sound clips and meditations.

OF COURSE, crystals offer us tools for quieting down so we can meditate. To start, grab a Mangano Calcite or Angelite for soothing and relaxing. To go deep into a meditation, sit with a Clear Quartz to amplify your spiritual connection. If you’re wanting to align your chakra’s while doing a meditation, work with a Chakra Crystal set!

At times, we’re not able to quiet our minds enough to relax. This is a perfect time for a guided meditation. Find a favorite type of visualization, whether it’s a chakra clearing, clearing your energy, or just a tranquility filled relaxation.

These are just a few suggestions. Ultimately, I encourage you to use whichever meditation forms work for you and allow clarity to find your heart.

Ready to for more tips? Watch for Part 3 of this series coming soon!

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