Top 3 Selenite Healing Tips

Selenite is a favorite stone to include in your space and your everyday living to help stay clear and balanced.

Here are our Top 3 Tips for bringing Selenite energy into your life!


Selenite is a greatly underutilized stone for your meditations. It is a HIGH LIGHT content, and will open our crown chakra to welcome in insight and healing from the Divine.

Find a few moments to sit quietly, without distraction, play quiet music, light a candle.
Simply hold your Selenite and allow yourself to relax.
Center into your body.
Let the Selenite energy fill your body and aura. You can visualize it however feels right to you, or you can simply allow it to happen.
Sit with the Selenite as long as you wish, and allow it to offer any wisdom or guidance it has to share. You don't have to "think" about anything, and you may not "feel" anything. This is perfect. Each meditation is unique to you. Don't worry if you feel like you're not receiving anything. You are. It's all perfect.
Come back to your body when you feel ready.


Selenite is awesome for keeping our living and working spaces clear and energized. Selenite is a stone that clears the air and energy, and never needs to be cleared itself.

Grab a Selenite tower to place in your living room or anywhere to spend a lot of time. If you have a lot of people coming and going from a particular space, place a Selenite sphere to create more harmony. For calming peace while you sleep, place a Selenite in your bedroom near your bed.


Selenite energy will actually clear other crystals and gemstones!

Place your crystals that may feel tired or gunked up on or next to a Selenite plate or bowl. (It can be ANY kind of Selenite, however.) They can be left there for a few hours to an indefinite amount of time, and their energy will be reset back to the optimal state.

Selenite has so many amazing uses for our every day lives. Try these tips and let us know in the comments below what your favorite method is for you!

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