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Incorporating crystals into your life

As someone who’s passionate about the power of crystals, I’m excited to share some of the ways I’ve been incorporating them into my daily life. In this video, I dive into a few of my favorite crystal practices that have become an integral part […]

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Anxiety? Try these crystals!

Anxiety is unfortunately extremely prevalent in the current day and age. Most people will experience it at some point in their life. It may make it difficult to concentrate or be present in the moment. It can paralyze people from going out in the

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Crystal Message from the Badlands

I recently returned home from a much needed vacation with my husband to South Dakota. A change of scenery and long road trips are so good for the soul. We enjoyed relaxing, experiencing an amazing natural hot spring resort, and visiting LOTS of rock shops. (We

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Sacred Self Care for a JoyFull Life blog crystals

When you see the term self-care, what comes to mind? For many people, the idea of taking care of themselves feels more like a concept rather than a practice. It’s something they’d like to have more of but don’t intentionally choose for themselves on

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Wellness Through Crystals + Gemstones

Crystalline Light shared thoughts on using crystals for wellness and balance in the December 2016 issue of Natural Awakenings magazine, a local Minneapolis-St Paul magazine owned by my friend Jackie. Read the full article at I’d love to hear your thoughts below on how

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8 Calming Crystals to Soothe Away Stress

Stress is part of life. It’s part of being human. Even if you have regular self-care routines or daily rituals to keep you feeling your best, sometimes life throws us surprises that can knock us off balance. Whether it’s our finances, relationships, health problems,

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Crystalline Living in transformational times by

Crystals and stones have been used throughout human history for ornament, jewelry, and science. In the New Testament, it’s stated that Jerusalem was built upon jasper, gold, and adorned with precious stones. Egyptian pharaoh’s used Lapis Lazuli and Malachite on their headpieces as a

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