rose quartz

Incorporating crystals into your life

As someone who’s passionate about the power of crystals, I’m excited to share some of the ways I’ve been incorporating them into my daily life. In this video, I dive into a few of my favorite crystal practices that have become an integral part […]

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In Depth: Rose Quartz

At the beginning is love, in the middle is love, at the end is love. Love is the center and the All. – Rose Quartz spirit Welcome to our first edition of In Depth, a blog series featuring detailed information and usages of specific

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Crystalline Living in transformational times by

Crystals and stones have been used throughout human history for ornament, jewelry, and science. In the New Testament, it’s stated that Jerusalem was built upon jasper, gold, and adorned with precious stones. Egyptian pharaoh’s used Lapis Lazuli and Malachite on their headpieces as a

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