White Sage Smudge Wand: Cleansing


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Hand-harvested in California.

The smoke from the dried herb is used to bless, cleanse and heal, as the sage is used to clear away influences or energy when you need a sacred space, clarity, or inner peace.

Sage and smoke based medicinal remedies have been used in many traditions for centuries, and a scientific study in 2006 showed it clears bacteria from the air.

This specific white sage is hand-harvested while praying and chanting, sending it love, and honoring its gift to us. It's a very high energy sage!

To use: place a flame from a lighter or match at the tip of the sage wand and let it burn until it starts smoldering. Gently blow the flame out, but make sure it is still burning. Walk around your space, holding your intention in your heart and mind for clarity or whatever energy you'd like to bring into the space, waving the smoke through the air. Moving in a clockwise direction around the perimeter of the room is recommended, but use your intuition. To clear a person, start at the top of their head, keeping the sage a good distance away from them of course, and move downward to their feet and back up their back side, allowing the smoke to circle around them. To clear a crystal or object, burn the sage in a heat proof bowl or abalone shell and wave the crystal through the smoke, or wave the wand over the crystal or object.

For safety reasons, always use with a heat-proof bowl or abalone shell underneath.
Store in a dry, dark space.

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