Thunder Bay Amethyst Wand: Connection


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    Beautiful rich purple Thunder Bay Amethyst wands from Thunder Bay, Canada! They are all great hand-holder pieces for meditation or healing work. Each piece is unique!

    Amethyst encourages inner peace and spiritual awareness. It fights addictive behavior, so can be perfect for people in recovery transforms energy. Clears out old to make way for new, especially helpful in physical spaces. Aids in meditation and healing.

    **A note about these crystals … you will see the same stones named “Auralite-23” in many places. I am a stickler for calling stones what they actually ARE instead of a “trade”, fabricated made-up names. As a born and bred Minnesotan I have known about “Thunder Bay Amethyst” for many many years. They were not “just” discovered and they don't have any other “special powers” just because they have a “special” name. End of rant. 🙂


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