Shungite Bracelet: Grounded Shield

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Shungite is a carbon-based mineral discovered in the 1700’s in the Karelia region of Russia. This stone is the only known source of Fullerene’s, powerful anti-oxidants that scientists have studied and won Nobel Peace Prizes. At almost 2 billion years old, Shungite likely was formed when there were no life forms on earth, deep within the earths crust.

Shungite is a neutralizer of energy and can block EMF’s and other harmful energies. It’s an air and water purifier. It will help you ground into your body to be present and alert, while creating a shield of light around you.

“This stone, which possesses amazing cleansing and healing properties, brings more pure and spiritual pleasure. Just contemplation of it calms down and comforts. It literally absorbs negative energy while emitting only positive.”

From the book by M. Polevaya Shungite – the magic stone of health

Shungite naturally creates positive vibration and helps you ground your body with a shield of light and protection. This stone can open our heart and help us evolve to integrate our true dreams. It is perfect to soothe and heal old trauma. Shungite is the one stone everyone should have in their collection, especially if you are sensitive or empathic to energies around you.

The bracelets are on strong stretchy cord and are around 20 mm in size (large and chunky). They measure 7″ (fits most).


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