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Savasana Crystal Meditation Bundle


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This special limited edition bundle was created to boost your Savasana yoga pose with crystal energy.

Yoga is great for any body, at any time. The Savasana pose is an important restorative pose used at the end of a longer practice as integration and rest, and can also be used on its own.

This bundle can be used in conjunction with your pose by lighting the candle, clearing your space with the Crystal Mist or Palo Santo wood, and placing the crystals around your body or holding them in your hand. They’re all assisting your relaxation and inner connection to rest.

You may want this unique bundle for yourself or your yoga loving friend.

Included in this bundle:

Rose Quartz for heart healing
Lepidolite for deep relaxation
Amethyst cluster for spiritual connection

Handcrafted Amethyst + Lavender candle
Palo Santo for clearing your space before practice
One of a kind, small batch Savasana meditation mist to use after your practice for continued mindfulness

You’ll also have access to our online course, Crystal Awakenings, to learn more about crystal energy. (Grab the info after you place your order.)

To move into Savasana, lie face-up on the ground, with legs and arms comfortably next to your body, palms facing up. Your breath should be easy and natural, as it allows prana (life force energy) to flow freely. While it feels like you are simply lying on the ground, this is actually an active pose to restore the body and calm the mind.



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