Sacred Crystal Bath Soak


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Your body is sacred. YOU are sacred. Keeping yourself clear and aligned is important.

Sacred Crystal Bath soak is all about clearing your aura and energy field. It will assist in clearing, cleansing, and bringing CLARITY. It includes the energy of White Sage petals and Palo Santo essential oil. This bath is recommended when you feel like you need a good ol’ energy clearing.

Crystal Bath Soaks are a very special blend of high quality salts and ingredients, BUT the very special part of this line is the gemstone powder ~ yes, actual crushed crystals and gemstones ~ that is included in each batch. It also contains a tumbled gemstone that you can keep in your collection after your bath soak.

Each bag is unique and one of a kind. Crystal Bath Soaks are intentionally created to bring the energy of crystals into your energetic field with support and light. They will provide deep comfort and relaxation, as well as the physical benefit of nurturing or healing from the pure and natural ingredients. They are nourishing for your skin through the pure natural ingredients and nourishing for the soul through the flower and gem essences and pure sacred essential oils.

Ingredients are proprietary, but include:
Pink Himalayan Salt
Goat Milk Powder
Pure Essential Oils
Flower & Gem Essences
White Sage petals

Add a large handful into a warm/hot bath (or in an organza bag to catch the sage petals) and soak for 20+ minutes.

It comes with an organza bag to put the bath salts in, but there still may be petals that escape the bag. Using it in a jetted tub without it being in a bag is not recommended.

Store in a cool, dry, dark area.

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