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Such a wonderfully unique natural Clear Quartz point with dark gold Rutiles included! Rutiles are thin pointed needle-like inclusions, almost like angel hairs. In general, they can be gold (most common), red, silver, or black. The shape makes it look like a mosquito. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rutilated Quartz helps us align with and activate your divine purpose. By connecting us with the angelic realm, it reminds us that our will and our motivation is directly connected to the guidance of Spirit to find our purpose.

This crystal is also helpful for memory, calming mental chatter, and decisions. It can aid in spiritual communication and intuitive opening. Rutilated quartz can help us understand challenges and finding the solutions. It can also help us “get to the point” of an issue, find a new direction, and enhance creativity.

This piece is 1.5โ€ tall x .75โ€ wide.

One of a kind!

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