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A one of a kind piece! Anhydrite is a VERY RARE form of Gypsum that forms when all water evaporates from it. The blue form of Anhydrite is Angelite. There is a beautiful translucency to the piece, and the calcite makes it even more unique. It’s really sweet energy and makes me so happy each time I see it.

Purple Anhydrite is a ‘live in the flow’ energy that facilitates the present moment. It’s supportive of transformations, and is so gentle. This stone helps us open our crown chakra energy so we can connect with the angelic and higher realms. It works with our unconscious to release old patterns. Asks us to embrace gratitude!

Calcite enhances emotional and mental balance. It alleviates fear during times of change or when reprogramming old thoughts and attitudes, and helps us integrate new ideas into physical reality.

1 1/2″ in size.

You will receive this exact piece.

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