Palo Santo Wood: Cleansing


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Sustainably-sourced & ethically wildcrafted Palo Santo sticks. You’re ordering 4 sticks.

Palo Santo is used as an energetic purification of space (a.k.a. smudging), meditation, and as an effective repellent for mosquitoes. The uplifting and pleasantly aromatic smoke enhances the vibration of any space, facilitates inner-creativity, and attracts positive energy for those open to its magic.

Palo Santo is cut from naturally fallen trees and produced in strict accordance with Ecuador’s guidelines governing the collection, processing, and distribution of Palo Santo. We support responsible, regenerative sourcing practices, and have extensive reforestation efforts in place to ensure a long-term supply of the tree for future generations.

These sticks are lit alone as is and will flame for a few seconds to a minute or so and extinguish themselves, filling a space with a sweet warm fragrance.

Use it to clear your SELF, your surroundings, your CRYSTALS, or in sacred ritual. Light the end of it until it burns red and starts to smolder with smoke, then lightly blow the flame out, making sure the smoke keeps burning. You may have to relight it a few times.

Sticks approx. 10 cm x 1 cm in size.

One order is for 4 sticks (which will last a LONG time).

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