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The November 26, 2019, New Moon is a powerful time for creating and manifesting!


We’ve been transforming all month long, little bit by little bit, awaiting this moment when the New Moon in Sagittarius comes in to light a fire in our hearts as we seal in the new habits we have spent the whole month building. Think: adventurous new beginnings, joyful optimism, new ideas, big dreams, open hearts, and an air of excitement for all that is to come. This New Moon, set aside an hour or two to really be with yourself and peer curiously into the inner workings of your mind, body, and spirit. Ask yourself, what is it that truly sets your curious spirit aflame? What can you not get enough of? What do you want to know and feel more of? Whatever that is, go and do it, open yourself up to it, do whatever it is you need to do to call it into your life as you break fresh ground in some way.

For many years, I had a professional energy healing practice as a Reiki Master Teacher and sound healer, both in person and by distance. Guidance has been coming in to share it with the world again.

This Group Healing is BY DISTANCE.

You don’t have to DO anything. You can ‘tune in’ at the time listed below, but you also can just set the intention that you receive the healing at the perfect time for you. Energy flows where it needs to go. This group healing will focus on how you can SHINE in the coming month.

Questions to ponder for yourself during this meditation healing time:
What did I learn in the past month?
How do I want to take those thoughts and learnings forward into this month and into my life?
How can I turn all of that towards intentions for more harmony and growth for the whole of humanity?

A crystal grid for this New Moon Group Healing will be created as well.

Sunday, October 27, 9:05 AM central time
FROM the comfort of your own home

The introductory rate is $11.11.
A Subscription for 6 months, pre-paid and non-refundable, and is discounted to $62.66.
(NOTE starting in January 2020 the rate goes up to $15.20 a month.)

Following the group healing, I would LOVE your feedback and comments of your experiences.


All sessions are strictly non-refundable.


One Time, Subscription


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