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A beautiful NATURAL Citrine with Phantoms! {Note that Crystalline Light will never carry the ‘traditional’ “citrine” that is actually heat-treated amethyst that turns gold. Read more here.}

The “phantom” is the inner growth lines that mimic the point of the crystal, and they are typically very faint, can be smoky quartz or a darker citrine-y color. A phantom means the crystal grows and stops over and over, and another mineral ‘collects’ at that point.

The energy is wonderful. It is vibrantly CLEAR!

Citrine is all about abundance and prosperity!

It’s a reminder to us that abundance is always within and that we can tap into it at any time. It’s not only financial abundance but abundance in ALL ways in life. Citrine is a solar plexus stone, helping brighten your self esteem, pure JOY of life, and energetically lift you when feeling sluggish or tired. It helps us tap into the core of who we are at our soul.

Piece is 1.5” x .75” in size.


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