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Indicolite: Psychic Knowing


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Indicolite is rare Blue Tourmaline. When it forms within Quartz, referred to as Tourmalinated, it is called Indicolite. This piece is unique! It is very deep blue ‘tourmalinated’, which are the blue lines that look like tiny hairs. These are very hard to find, and are a true collectors piece. While it is a tad rough around the edges, this piece is amazing.

The energy of Indicolite is so beautiful. It is a connection to spiritual energy and psychic knowing. This stone opens the third eye for more clarity and vision. It can aid us in speaking our truth and calm anxiety. Indicolite is perfect for meditation and spiritual awareness.

If you are looking for support opening your communication with the Spiritual realms and mediumship, Indicolite is supportive to bring clarity of thoughts and speaking.

This Blue Tourmaline in Quartz can also be helpful for public speaking and sharing our truth.

❤ Size 1″ x .75″ x .5″

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