Fishtail Selenite: Cleansing


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Sometimes known as Angel Wing Selenite, this is a very soft stone variety of gypsum that forms in twinning angles and ‘points’. It’s a rare stone to find. This piece is STUNNING!!!

Selenite is a radiant soft stone filled with light, physically and energetically. It is easily scratched and does not like water, so use care.

This stone is about new light and life. It helps us create a clean slate so we can move forward with ease.

Because of it’s high light content, is all about clearing and cleansing your self, your emotions, your space, and other crystals. Selenite is a stone that will connect us to our crown chakra and allow a flood of light to enter your being, and aligns us with MORE and Spirit. Definitely a stone everyone should have in their collection!

This piece is a 1 1/2″ x 1/2″ in size.

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