Amp up your 2020 with crystal vibes!

Mother Earth has amazing gifts to share with you through her crystals, gems, semi-precious stones, and minerals. They have energy and a personality all their own, just as everything in nature contains an innate life force energy. What if you could tap into this energy to improve your life, access your intuition, and open up a spiritual journey?

My Crystal Year is your daily organizer planner and agenda for 2020! It was created exclusively by owner Jennifer Salness for Crystalline Light. You will NOT find another product like this anywhere!

Use it to not only keep your life organized, but to amp up your life with crystal energy. It includes a page for each day of the year, a monthly view, and a yearly view.

This unique year-long calendar also includes a crystal workbook! Each month includes a practical and easy crystal tip for bringing healing energy into your life, a space to write your intentions for each month, and an area for you to write your notes about crystal experiences. Each day provides a place to write your crystal of the day, your personal intentions for how you want to feel, and additional notes. It also includes a method for tuning into your crystals and building a connection to them.

By adding gemstone and mineral kingdom insights into your daily planning, you are expanding your capacity to receive your desires and intentions for the year while you create a deeper relationship with the crystal realm.


Introductory Tips for Your Crystal Journey
12 Monthly Crystal Tips
2020 Full + New Moon Dates
12 Monthly Crystals & Gemstones
8.5″ x 11″ in Size
White Pages
Black Spiral Bound
Beautiful Glossy Full Color Cover

Choose your
edition of Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
Prices reflect the special edition pricing.
Because they are special order only until January 31, they are shipped with 24 hours of ordering, but NOT guaranteed to arrive before January 1. Typical shipping time is 9 – 14 days.

**** They are non-refundable in ALL cases.****
This version is shipping in the US only.

Enjoy tracking your crystalline lifestyle with this beautiful calendar planner that is perfect for any crystal lover, healer, yogi, spiritual seeker, meditation enthusiast, or crystal collector.


Daily, Weekly, Monthly

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