• 2021 Crystal Energy Wall Calendar

Exclusive 2021 Crystal Energy Wall Calendar


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Energize your 2021 with crystal vibes!

ONE OF A KIND Crystal Energy Calendar!

We hunted high and low for a beautiful crystal and mineral wall calendar for 2020, and when we couldn’t find one, we decided to create one ourselves for 2021! Now YOU can enjoy the beauty that nature shares with us every day.

Mother Earth has amazing gifts to share with you through her crystals, gems, semi-precious stones, and minerals. They have energy and a personality all their own, just as everything in nature contains an innate life force energy. What if you could tap into this energy to improve your life, access your intuition, and open up a spiritual journey?

Our BRAND NEW Exclusive Crystal Energy Wall Calendar was created with the intentions of sharing the Crystal Energy with you each month. Not only can you see your month’s calendar, you will receive the energy of each month’s crystals.

Our photography is exclusively created by Jennifer Salness, owner of Crystalline Light.

Federal US Holidays
2021 Full + New Moon Dates
12 Monthly Crystals & Gemstones
8.5″ x 11″ in Size
Wire Bound
White Pages
Beautiful Glossy Full Color Cover



Daily, Weekly, Monthly

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