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    Looking for something, but not quite sure WHAT you actually need?

    I’ll intuitively choose a box of crystal and energetic tool goodies CUSTOM TO YOU!

    For 30+ years I have worked consciously with crystals and stones, flower essences, essential oils, and other energetic tools. I have worked with hundreds of clients for energy/crystal/sound healing, talked with customers at dozens of events each year where I was exhibiting my products, and consulted with friends and family about specific crystals and holistic & spiritual tools they can use for their own personal or spiritual growth.

    I am thrilled to be able to tune in to YOU for what you may need in your life. It is a personalized set of goodies just for you! I LOVE doing this for people and have always had positive comments about how powerful it is to have personalized recommendations. This is a great solution if you aren’t sure about what to use or are new to working with crystals or other spiritual tools.

    All you have to do is select your budget, and you’ll get a mystery box filled with items such as

    Crystals + Gemstones
    Essential Oils
    Energetic Mists
    Crystalline Bath Salts
    Sage + Palo Santo
    Gemstone Jewelry

    Your box will be the minimum value purchased, but may be valued slightly higher too depending on what you need!



    $88, $144, $255, $444, $888


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