Crystal Magic Pens: Manifesting Desires




Your words have power.

WRITE your intentions and manifestation desires with CRYSTAL ENERGY!

We’ve filled these beautiful pens by hand with Clear Quartz after clearing and activating the crystals for your highest good.

Use them with your daily journal or bullet journalling.
Write your desires for manifesting.
Fill your daily calendar and planner with crystal energy written with your intentions.

The energy of Clear Quartz is all about amplifying your intentions, clarity, and allowing the Universe to bring these desires to you.

Each gemstone writing pen is black ink and can be refilled. The tip is twistable to open and close.
The pens include a clip for easy storage on your notebook or journal, checkbook, or planner.

Choose from Silver or Gold color.


Clear Quartz Silver Pen, Clear Quartz Gold Pen, Lapis Lazuli Silver Pen

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