• Crystal Energy Basics online course

Crystal Energy Basics online course


If you are seeking new perspective or an alternative method for healing your emotions, changing your life, or simply looking to expand your knowledge, this course will provide insight and ideas on bringing crystal energy into your realm of living.

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Crystal Energy Basics is an introduction to using crystals and stones in your life as energetic support. Historically crystals have been used for centuries, but in the current times, we are learning to use their energy not only for computers, cell phones, and other technologies, but as a spiritual tool for personal growth.

I created this online course for you to learn the basics of working with crystals in a way that is easy and enlightening. It’s all by video that you can take at your own pace!

As we seek alternative methods of healing and finding balance in our lives, holistic healing methods have long tapped the energies of crystals. We can use them as a meditation tool, for peace and calming, and most importantly, for our own emotional and spiritual expansion. And it can be in a grounded, practical manner (forget the over the top “woo woo” of waving a magic crystal wand around, it’s not happening here!) that works with your everyday life. Let’s dig in together to bring new awareness to your life.

This course includes:

Video Instruction
Bonus PDF’s or articles in most lectures (the equivalent of 2 full E-books)

It includes OVER 2 HOURS of instruction and meditations, and is self-paced for you to complete as quickly or as slowly as you need to for your life schedule.

Crystal Energy Basics is structured simply in short lectures of information, starting with the nuts and bolts of the more technical aspects of using crystals moving up to the energetic properties of a selection of crystals.

Lectures include:
How to choose crystals for yourself
Keeping their energy clear for optimal use
What different shapes mean
How to use a pendulum
Sensing crystal energy
Crystal meditations
Energetic properties of 12 crystals and stones
So much more!

I am available to personally answer your questions during this course.

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