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Crystal Display Stand



HANDCRAFTED by Crystalline Light just for you! We designed these beautiful display shelves to showcase your crystals in your home. Place your prized crystals or other beautiful items on the display stand.

They are completely made by hand by our master builder. They are raw wood, so you are free to stain or paint them yourself if desired.

STYLE A: One Shelf
One shelf in the middle of the triangle.

STYLE B: Two Shelves
Two shelves in the middle of the triangle.

STYLE C: T Shelves
“T” style with a mini shelf on one side and open on the other side.

STYLE D: V Shelves
“V” style with one shelf in the middle with angled shelves below.

Each style is 12″ tall and 14″ wide. The shelves are 2″ thick by 4″ deep.

Additional Sizes Available by Request:
18″ wide x 16″ tall
23″ wide x 20″ tall
28″ wide x 24″ tall
32″ wide x 28″ tall
36″ wide x 31″ tall
42″ wide x 36″ tall

PRICED will be quoted separately. SHIPPING will be calculated accordingly rather than our regular shipping rates. CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE! Looking for a different size than listed? Contact us with your desired size and we will make it specifically for you.


Style A, Style B, Style C, Style D


♥ All crystals are energetically cleansed and blessed before shipping to its new owner.

♥ We take every step to pack with great care, and often reuse shipping materials to help the environment. We ship with great care.

♥ A portion of all purchases are donated to charities close to our heart, including Melanoma Research and Mental Health support.

Image colors may vary slightly based on your own screens.
Orders are shipped on Tuesdays and Fridays.
All sales are final and we do not accept returns.
Read our shipping policies for details.


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