Clear Quartz Cluster: Harmony


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This Clear Quartz cluster from Madagascar with large natural points is a wonderful piece. This piece has ancient surface markings on it that feel like codes. The base is fully self-healed (thousands of teeny ‘points’ starting to heal itself). These are hand dug by a family making their living from mining.

Clear Quartz clusters are perfect for common living or working area’s, such as living rooms, to allow the energy to spread evenly throughout the area. They beam white light and positive energy into any space for harmony and balance.

Clear Quartz amps up your intuition and inner knowing to bring in clarity.

Quartz crystals will amplify the energy of other stones, thoughts, intentions. Quartz can be programmed for your own intention for healing. It brings in the strength of light and connection to the Divine.

This piece is 3.5″ tall x 3.25″ x 1.25″ wide.

One of a kind!

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