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Aurora Rainbow Quartz: Divine


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This is a special crystal! It is known as Rainbow Quartz, sometimes Aurora Quartz or Anandalite, and has a slight natural rainbow effect that is observed on the outside of the crystal. This particular piece has very slight rainbow shimmer that can only be seen in certain light. They are found in one location in India, deep inside the back of a cave where there are stalactites. It is rumored that it is a cave that Jesus spent time in during his lifetime (post-Crucifixtion). It is formed with thousands of teeny crystals. This piece also has small Apophyllite crystals. It is a gorgeous piece.

This crystal is all about alignment with the Divine and enlightenment. It is our reminder that we always have a spiritual connection. Rainbow Quartz carries high vibrational energy that aids in assisting our spiritual awareness. It can activate Kundalini energy, bliss, and joy.

Rainbow Quartz has a very joyful, positive energy to it. Heart energy is huge with this crystal.

Meditation with this crystal is highly encouraged. It will help us relax into a receptive state.

❤ 3.25″ x 1.5″ x 1″

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