Amethyst with Prasiolite: Spiritual Abundance


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Prasiolite is actually a form of Green Amethyst. While these particular pieces are totally natural and contain just small bits of green Prasiolite in Amethyst, there is also heat-treated Amethyst to force the color to be green. These are rare and unique crystals!

Prasiolite opens the heart chakra. This stone is all about connecting the higher chakra’s with our lower chakra’s, creating a flow of energy between them all.

Prasiolite helps us with meditation and loving kindness to others and ourselves, compassion for all, and leading from our heart.

It is a reminder that we are always abundant and successful when we work through our heart. Prasiolite is a manifestation crystal! When combined with the Amethyst, it is a guide for spiritual abundance and awakening.

Pieces are around .75″ – 1″ in size.
Will be intuitively chosen for you.

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