Amethyst Phantom Elestials: Transformation

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Amazing new Amethyst Phantom Elestials with Smoky Quartz! They are Elestials (etched, multiple layers of teeny crystals on the side) with Phantoms (the inner ‘phantom’ of color that mimics the growth of the point) of Amethyst with bits of Smoky Quartz, with a polished flat base and polished tip. The Amethyst Phantoms are seen clearly on the base on most pieces. These are truly unique and one of a kind!

Amethyst energy is all about spiritual awareness and awakening. Phantoms invite us to look deep within ourselves for personal transformation and growth. Elestials (aka Jacare Quartz or Alligator Quartz) are deeply healing and the name itself means ‘crystal of the angels’, so also connects us to angelic support that is always available to us. With all of this energy combined, they are lovely pieces for spiritual growth and support during life changes. Definitely a crown chakra stone to help us access our own inner wisdom as well. They helps us let go of fear or anything not for our highest good.

Range in size from 2-3″ tall x 2-3″ wide.

Each one is ONE OF A KIND and will be intuitively chosen for you.
The photo’s shown are simply examples; each one is totally unique.


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