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As an advanced technology developed by a highly skilled group of scientists, medical professionals and engineers, the Amethyst BioMat is the only product to combine Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions, and Amethyst crystals for a true relaxation experience.

The gentle warmth of the Amethyst BioMat gives you an overall calming effect. Imagine melting away your stress. You will feel rejuvenated and renewed in both body and mind. Let the Amethyst BioMat put you into a state where true relaxation and healing are cultivated.

The Amethyst BioMat uses Far infrared rays, part of the electromagnetic spectrum that has been studied for various health benefits. It provides warmth and relaxation similar to the energy that radiates from the sun. These rays not only benefit muscles on the surface of the body, but all cells in the deepest parts of the body.

Thermotherapy is the therapeutic application of any substance to the body that adds heat to the body resulting in increased tissue temperature. Thermotherapy also increases blood flow which facilitates tissue healing by supplying protein, nutrients, and oxygen at the site of injury. The increase in tissue metabolism assists in the healing process by removing the metabolic by-products of tissue damage and provides the environment for tissue repair.

It is a wonderful addition to massage, Reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and physical therapies, as it accelerates the body’s innate immune system and healing powers immensely.

The Amethyst BioMat is used for temporary relief of:

– Minor muscle pain
– Minor joint pain and stiffness
– Joint pain associated with arthritis
– Muscle spasms
– Minor sprains
– Minor strains
– Minor muscular back pain

Relaxation of muscles
Temporary increase of local circulation

It is FDA approved for the above symptoms.


Far Infrared Rays ~ Miracle Light
Negative Ions ~ Nature’s Purifier
Amethyst Crystals ~ Violet Flame of Transformation

Use of the Amethyst-Tourmaline Pillow has therapeutic significance because it helps to deliver the energetic frequencies from the Biomat in proper physiological alignment while you relax or sleep. At the same time the pillow keeps the head cool, a practice recommended by Chinese Medicine, while the rest of the body is heating up. Resting flat on your back while using the pillow yields the best cervical alignment and overall energy flow benefits.

The crystal filled zippered case can be removed and used as a body wrap for chest, stomach, arms and legs to assist in relief of many ailments. It is especially nice on long airplane flights to help circulation in the legs and body while seated for so long.

The pillow, made of channels of Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals wrapped around a contoured memory foam core, aligns to fit the cervical spine. This specialized pillow:

Carries BioMat energetics deep into the cerebral spinal column and brainstem

  • Stabilizes the neck
    Allows the rest of the body to receive higher temperatures when used with the BioMat.
    Adds support for cervical vertebrae
    Provides cranial support
    Clear sinuses

Take It Slow

It may take time for you to become comfortable resting or sleeping on the contoured pillow for longer than 10 to 20 minutes. Position the pillow under your neck in the fashion that is most comfortable to you – utilizing the higher or lower portion of the contoured pillow. Gradually increase your time on the pillow until you are able to rest comfortably there all night, while sleeping on your back.

Size: 19″ x 12″ x 4.3″
$350 + $30 S&H

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Satisfaction Guarantee ~ Important Refund Policy

0-7 days after receipt, returned for a full refund or exchange.
After 8 days and up to 14 days of receipt, returned for 70% refund or exchange only.
After 15 days, and up to 30 days of receipt, for 50% refund or exchange.
After 31 days, there is no refund or exchange.

There are additional details about returns and repairs available; please ask.

The Amethyst BioMat is a distributorship direct sales program through Richway International. If you want to become a distributor (selling mats on your own later), PLEASE order directly through me by phone! Thanks!

Richway International, a company with an eye for effective technology that can help us all lead healthier and happier lives, has been in business for over twenty five years. They also have an incredibly decent and honest integrity and care about the quality and performance of their products, and also care about the customers who purchase them.



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