Open Your Solar Plexus Chakra with Crystals

Chakra’s are energy centers within and around our body, and while we have many of them, there are seven main chakra’s. The solar plexus chakra is located at the stomach and is yellow golden in color.

The solar plexus chakra is our self-esteem and our personal strength. It is where we identify with our Self and shine it out to the world. This area rules our life purpose, personal balance and energy, and relationships. If we are clear and balanced in this area, we are more self confident, centered, bright. We know how to be spontaneous and celebrate life in all its glorious ways! It is the CORE of who we are and have no problem shining that to those around us.

Crystals and stones offer us support and energy. They ARE truly the heart of the Earth. Their properties are no different than our own individual personalities, each unique and wonderful. And two pieces of the same stone will feel different, just as twins still have their own identity. The stone kingdom is here to guide and support us, not necessarily to “heal” us, as only we can do that ourselves. They bring us awareness of energies within ourselves that we possess and can access at any time.

solarplexuschakracrystallinelightSuggestions for the Solar Plexus Chakra:

Citrine ~ Natural Citrine (not heat treated amethyst which is a completely different energy; google it) ranges in color from very pale gold to deep rich brownish gold, and is more difficult to acquire than heat treated. It's energy is warm and comforting, and is a reminder to us to find balance, to BE who we are, and to shine our light. Citrine carries abundance energy.

Gold Calcite ~ This stone balanced mental and emotional energies, especially related to emotional healing and removing yourself from obsessive mental thoughts. It's a reminder to shine our light out to the world, is a great 'pick me up' stone when we are feeling sluggish or tired. Gold calcite is very empowering and activating for self worth and self esteem!

Working with all of these stones can open your solar plexus chakra. Use them in meditation, have them in your space, include them in your pockets and purse, create crystal grids ... there are endless possibilities about how to use crystals.


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