Open Your Crown Chakra with Crystals!

Crown Chakra www.crystallinelight.comChakra’s are energy centers within and around our body, and while we have many of them, there are seven main chakra’s. The crown chakra is located at the top of your head and is a purple color.

The crown chakra connects us to higher consciousness, wisdom, insight, and is our connection to God/All That Is/Divine Presence.

Crystals and stones offer us support and energy. They ARE truly the heart of the Earth. Their properties are no different than our own individual personalities, each unique and wonderful. And two pieces of the same stone will feel different, just as twins still have their own identity. The stone kingdom is here to guide and support us, not necessarily to “heal” us, as only we can do that ourselves. They bring us awareness of energies within ourselves that we possess and can access at any time.

Suggestions for the Crown Chakra:

Amethyst ~ The most common Crown Chakra crystal, Amethyst encourages inner peace and spiritual awareness. It transforms energy, can clear out old energies, thoughts, beliefs, to make way for new. Amethyst is great for meditation and healing.

Selenite ~ This stone an important healing stone, as it helps organize light coming in to body and makes it easier for cells to align it during transformations. Selenite is DEEPLY cleansing, especially for emotions, and since it is a self-clearing stone (never needs clearing), and can be used to clear other stones, spaces, your energy. It opens the crown chakra, thus is another stone for meditation as well.

Working with all of these stones can open your crown chakra. Use them in meditation, have them in your space, include them in your pockets and purse, create crystal grids … there are endless possibilities about how to use crystals.

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