Morganite for Opening Your Heart

Crystal of the moment – Morganite

A few weeks ago I grabbed a Morganite from my shelf and threw it in my pocket. I love Morganite’s soft shimmery pink and it’s heart chakra connection. At the time I knew I needed a little extra love, but didn’t really put any thought into what I was carrying with me.

Well, the Morganite has not left my pocket since that day.

This is unusual.

Yeah, I know, you’re thinking, “But she’s the rock girl, she’s always got rocks in her pockets.” True, but not so much lately. I’ve gone many months now with NOTHING in my pockets. I have stones next to my bed when I sleep, they are on my desk, they’re in my car, but I just could not have anything on my body for the longest time.

It’s all changed for a reason.

Morganite has been teaching me.

Now, for those of you who haven’t heard my spiel about crystals, here’s the thing …. crystals and stones don’t actually DO anything for us. They don’t heal US. They don’t have magical powers. (Well, to some degree!) What they offer is a quiet reminder about who WE are as humans. Each crystal has its own personality and energy that resonate at the same vibration ALL the time. By maintaining that vibration consistently, we are able to tap into that energy and hold it in our body. The longer we work with something, the longer it stays at that same vibration in our body and we can “embody” the energy of the stone, which in turn doesn’t allow any lower vibrating thoughts or energies to survive. Of course, we do have free will and choice and it can always slip back.

So back to the Morganite.

As you know by reading this blog, I have had a few challenges in life in the past months. Lots of changes, heart ache, loss, illness, and general crap (and yes, I will call it ‘crap’ until it shifts to something else LOL). My heart has had some issues. I have been trying to open it, but it’s just freakin’ hard when so many doors get slammed on it over and over and over. Trust is very challenging lately, and I have had to pull my energy and boundaries so tightly into myself that not much can get in. (Two dear healer friends literally got pushed back a few nights ago as they started to work on me, until I gave my body and guides the okay for them to come in.)

Every single day, I put the Morganite in my pocket. Every single night, it sits by my head as I sleep. Morganite is for love, acceptance, emotional work.

It wasn’t until today that I really thought about the gifts it has been giving me. There was an experience today where my heart was physically hurting, like someone was crushing it in their hands. I couldn’t breathe, I felt lightheaded and dizzy, and I wasn’t sure what was going on. I just kept breathing deeply and focusing on grounding. After a specific and unexpected encounter that forced me to open my heart a little bit, it was gone. Morganite has continued to stay with me, reminds me to breathe and open my heart, even if it’s f**king hard.

Morganite has been teaching me to gently release any emotions that are pent up inside, old emotions that had grabbed my heart and were slowly choking the life out of it. Those emotions were not serving me in any form. It has been deeply nurturing in a time when I am very alone, as well as being a caretaker to my ill mother. It has whispered quietly that all is divinely perfect no matter what the circumstances, and reminded me that I really am not alone at all. Patience is not one of my virtues by any means (Hello, Aries), but Morganite asks me to remain quiet and patient in a deep space of LOVE. And all is well with the world.

Life’s challenges aren’t over, by any means, there will be some hard heart conversations coming up soon. But I feel stronger and centered back in my heart again.

All because of a rock.

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