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Join us on social media for short and sweet live video sales! We strive to be less than an hour, with no more than 20-25 crystals. It can be overwhelming watching live sales online, fearing you're missing the best crystals because there are hundreds of people watching for hoooooours. NO WORRIES with our live events! We're personalized, small, friendly, and ready to share amazing crystals with you!

HOW do you shop? Watch live (or replay on FB). Claim with a comment. I calculate the order and make a listing on our website where you can purchase it within 24 hours. Easy!

Join us on our Facebook page for Live Sales!

They are not only fun, but a way to get first dibs on new crystals that are not available on our website yet. We ship in the US only.

Instagram more your thing? Check out our Story Sale for one of a kind goodies. Remember, Stories only last 24 hours, so check them early. We have a great new way for payment that is easy and immediate. We ship in the US only.

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