I Am Filled with Energy

Affirmations and intentions are powerful. They shift our mindset to positive, life-filled thoughts.

These affirmations are shared as a way to uplift your energy. Repeat them daily as needed.

To include crystal energy with your affirmation, a few ideas:

Program a Quartz Crystal with these affirmations.
Sit with a Citrine crystal as you repeat these words.
Place a Carnelian in your creative area or or area where you wish to infuse more energy for yourself.

I Am Filled with Energy

My body and mind are filled with positive energy. I have the energy to finish my daily tasks, stay ahead of my schedule, and work toward achieving my goals. I can help my family and friends accomplish their tasks as well.

I use my energy in positive ways.

My energy helps me stay enthusiastic throughout the day.

I fuel my body with the right nutrients and healthy food to increase my energy. I avoid junk food and temptations that hurt my body and decrease my energy.

I am an unstoppable force of inspiration and joy. My energy makes me a stronger person.

I know which forces sap my energy, so I avoid them.

I know who can drain my energy away. I know what makes me feel tired. This knowledge inspires me to avoid the negative things that leave me worn out. I prefer my energetic lifestyle to boredom and pessimism.

I focus on the people and situations that increase my energy.

Today, my energy helps me achieve everything on my list. I use my energy in smart ways to help others. I have a river of energy in my heart that is constantly replenished with new sources.

Self-Reflection Questions:

How can I ensure my diet is helping my energy levels instead of hurting them?
What can I do to overcome difficult days that drain my energy in minutes?
How can I avoid people and situations that decrease my energy and leave me exhausted?

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