Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Crystalline Joy for the Soul

This season, give the gift of inner peace and intuitive wisdom with our hand-chosen crystals and spiritual treasures. Delight the loved ones in your life with these thoughtful gifts, each curated to enhance their journey towards balance, love, and spiritual connection.


Holiday Trending: Palm Stones

Green Kyanite
This stone clears negativity, making you stronger from within yourself. It brings balance, courage, and love, leading to happiness. (Price Range: $14)

Peach Scolecite
Promoting inner peace, emotional balance, and deep relaxation, its calming energy assists in reducing stress and anxiety, making it an ideal companion for meditation and mindfulness. (Price Range: $25)

Golden Healer with Pyrite
High level of life force energy. Add in the Pyrite and you have a potent combination of abundance and grounded JOY! (Price Range: $24)

Flower Agate
Flower Agate speaks of synchronicity, zest for life, and lusciousness unfolding, if you’re willing to “go for it” and just surrender to the universe's plans for you. (Price Range: $25)

Chakra Crystal Rollers


Experience the power of crystals and essential oils with our Chakra Crystal Essential Oil Rollers. These exclusive blends are infused with intentional crystals, bringing harmony to your chakras and energy field. (Price Range: SALE $10!)

Crystal Towers

If you're looking for crystals to display in your home or office, crystal towers are a perfect option. Standing tall and bright, they'll add ambiance AND energy to your space. (Price Range: $15 to $100)

Relaxing Candle

A new product!

Our Crystal Sage Soy Candle is a unique blend of Lavender, infused with white sage and slight tones of rosemary, and chamomile, complemented by the deep, warm notes of sandalwood and cedar. Light one of our candles and let the enchantment unfold. (Price Range: $23)

Trending: Accessory Pouches

We hope these ideas are helpful for your holiday shopping! Embrace the joy of giving this holiday season. Make your purchase today and share the gift of Crystalline Joy.

With love,
Your Crystalline Light Team


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