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Crystalline Year 2020 Oracle Readings

What a year!

Have you experienced a lot this year, whether it was amazing, stressful, beautiful, or challenging? Yeah, it was going around. There was a LOT of energy in 2019 both globally and personally. Most of us can agree, we're ready for some peace and quiet before we move into 2020.

And just what IS up for 2020?

As cheesy as it sounds, 2020 really is a year of vision and clarity. Numerologically, it is a 4 Universal Year, which is all about responsibility, practicality, and focus. It is about home, family, and building our foundations of stability and discipline.

What do you want to create for your life?
What clarity do you need to move ahead?
What is the vision for your future?

This is the year to create your dreams!! The energy will support its growth for long lasting success and security. Energetically it is time to take your foot off the brakes and let your life move forward with courage and commitment, which will then flow into more happiness and financial flow. It is an exciting time!

How would you feel receiving a sacred oracle reading as personal guidance for each quarter of the year to support your intention and guide you through this momentous year?

The annual tradition of offering a reading or crystal package is two types of readings. Both powerful. Ready to offer you insight for the upcoming year. With about 20 years experience with crystals under my belt and a deep intuitive knowing, I can tune into your energy and the crystal realm for guidance about your life's path.


Happy Clients

The card reading was just what I needed. Love the choice of crystal that was recommended for me and it made sense. Give it a try, you won’t regret it. (TV, Minnesota)

The crystal card reading you did for me in January has been so "on"...it's amazing! I've found it incredibly helpful throughout the past few months. Thank you so much! (AR, Texas)

How you tune into the crystals and what's going on with me is so good! I'm grateful for your guidance. (MB, Kansas)

Curious how a Crystal Reading happens?
I offer mini-readings occasionally on Facebook!

Your Joyful Options

Crystal Oracle Reading by Email

What if you could refer to a reading for all of 2020 about where to focus or see what energies may be supportive to you?

For each quarter of the year, I'll pull a crystal to look at the potential energy or intention to be conscious of throughout the 3 month cycle. Your emailed reading will include a specific crystal for each quarter, a description of the energy, any intuitive information I receive specifically for you about the quarter, and practical tips to use from your reading. It's written up in detail and sent by email in a beautiful PDF for you to download and print. It is perfect to use throughout the year.

You also have an opportunity for a personally chosen Power Crystal chosen for your year that will be included in your reading. (This is an additional fee for this addition when you order your reading, and 15% off this crystal if ordered from us.)

*Read below for the fine print.

Live Personal Crystal Oracle Reading by Skype

For this special, I'm opening up my schedule to do one-on-one live readings by Skype or Facetime. It's a beautiful opportunity for you to go deeper into what your heart is desiring for 2020. We'll spend 45 minutes doing a crystal and oracle reading for each quarter of the year, as well as your personal questions. You will ALSO receive a personal numerology reading about your numerical year. (This is for LIVE readings only!) You'll gain resources and tools to move into the new year with my personal insight and encouragement. You'll walk away with wisdom for the whole year.

You also have an opportunity for a personally chosen Power Crystal to be chosen for your year that will be included in your reading. (This is an additional fee for this addition when you order your reading, and 15% off this crystal if ordered from us.)

* Read below for the fine print.

The Crystalline 2020 readings are limited!
This offer ends January 22, 2020!

Who am I?

I am a Crystal Intuitive, Teacher, and Energy Sound Healer. My passion for crystals and stones began at a young age and I have been working with them professionally for over 20 years. While I didn't realize it at the time, I was very intuitive as a kid, and consciously started developing my intuition and connection to the crystals over 20 years ago. I am certified as a Crystal Reader and have taken many years of intuitive training. Through working with the crystals directly, I have developed my own style of teaching with practical, every day applications, and have a grounded and yet spiritually connected manner. It's my joy to bring the crystalline wisdom to you.

* Fine Print + Details

Readings by Email take 10 - 14 days at minimum to get to you. 

Live readings by Skype or Facetime will be scheduled to happen between January 2 + 22. I'll email you to schedule, so please be sure your email on the order is correct. Strict 24 hour cancellation applies with one reschedule before January 27, otherwise your appointment is forfeited.

* All readings are strictly non-refundable.

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