Boy oh boy. What interesting times we are ALL experiencing right now. It is truly uncharted territory. COVID-19 is changing history as we speak. It is challenging and confusing and just plain weird, right? There are many things floating through the news and internet that are smart and helpful. My own perspective to offer is this ... just go with it. Look at it all as a time to just BE, to be at home to spend time with your family, and do the projects at home you've been meaning to do.

Meditate. Make art. Play with your crystals. Clear your crystals and home. Take Himalayan salt baths to clear and reset your energy field. Take walks. Plan your garden for the summer. Check on your neighbors and friends. Send cards to the local nursing homes that can't have visitors. From a spiritual perspective, I see this time as greatly grounding, resetting, and awakening on many levels. It's not about hiding out at home ... it's a time to go within, be present, and reset your energy and life. This, in turn, is resetting nature (Venice Italy's waters are turning clearer again), our country, and our world.

And, of course, I encourage you all to support your local small businesses. Order carryout from the restaurants that are closed to seated dining. Buy gift cards from the clothing boutique you love. Purchase what you can from the small independently owned businesses. I see SO many shops having to close temporarily, and many of them may not be able to reopen. Small business is close to my heart and I hope you will support them as you are able during this time.

As far as Crystalline Light, we are always open.

We are committed to packing our online orders with great care and caution, using gloves to pack everything, wiping down with sanitizing wipes what we can without damaging it (especially the cardboard boxes), and other precautions.

We continue to offer Local Pickups in the Minneapolis-St Paul area, and all orders will be contactless and we leave your package on our front step.

You can be assured that your order is safe. We are in business as usual, as our independently owned business is vital to our livelihood.

Know that we're thinking of you and doing daily global meditations for peace and harmony to you all.

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