Crystalline Light is a crystal lifestyle company offering crystals + handcrafted artisan tools to energize your life. Our mission is to provide tools for personal + spiritual empowerment, clarity, and light. We offer this intention through beautiful crystals + gemstones that are hand selected for their energy + high quality at a reasonable price to you, with personalized customer service.

Crystal Outlinesm

Live a Crystal Lifestyle

⟡ Awaken Your Intuition
⟡ Be Radiant from Within

⟡ Create a Peaceful Living Space
⟡ Find Balance with Crystal Meditation

⟡ Amplify Your Desires with a Crystal Grid

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On Sale Now

We take pride in our personalized customer service. If there are crystals or products you don't see on our site,
just shoot us a message. We have many items in stock that are not online, and can send you photo's and details.

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