5 Ways to Get Back to YOU When Your Energy Goes Wonky

Solar Eclipses. Mercury Retrograde. Solar Flares. Earthquakes. Full Moons.
"The Shift."

Part of me can be a little cynical about these things, thinking, "Shifting schmifting; it's all a bunch of hooey. We choose our lives. We aren’t ruled by all these outside forces."

But then, during these energetically charged periods, I get hit with a case of dreams about an old situation that I thought I had dealt with. Sadness and irritability that can't be explained. Thoughts about former friends and lovers come up that I really don't want to experience. Sleepless nights when I normally sleep so soundly.

Is it planetary energies pushing these things to the surface? Likely. As we open spiritually, we can become sensitive to these energies around us. Regardless of what causes it, all of these things are simply layers of an onion that make up "me", and on some level, are thoughts or patterns haven't been resolved yet within myself. So I look at it. Up come all the not so fun feelings, the confusion, the stress and overwhelm. Two days later, I am still "in" it. It's not fun. I want out.

So how DO I get back to ME?

Whether you’re wading through your own "stuff" or feeling the effects of what’s happening in the world, it can be a challenge to shift your energy or state of mind back to a state of YOU. It's easy to get sucked into the void or funk of what's "up," and it can be a challenge to get through the day. All the chaos in the "outer" world will continue, (as will our inner chaos on occasion), but when we can find stillness within ourselves, all is well.

Finding stillness within, getting back to YOU, and flowing more easily through “The Shift” can be easier with the following five practices and tools.

5 quick ways to bring yourself "back" to YOU

1) Change your Mind

Yes, it really can be that easy. When you get stuck in patterns of thoughts about emotional challenges or "what if's" or why "this" is happening, we literally start attracting more of that pattern. Our brain routes the same pattern over and over and literally creates a "groove" in that pattern that just keeps digging deeper. Until we think a new thought or pattern, our brain is literally fried into this cycle. The more we think about something, the MORE we think about it AND attract more of it into our lives.

It absolutely CAN be hard to change your mind pattern, so how to change? Distract yourself. Do something completely opposite of what you had been doing. Get out of your house. Go to dinner with friends who can talk about the color of their new kitchen walls or how adorable their dog is. Anything to keep you from thinking the same things. Consciously CHOOSE to have new, positive thoughts. It literally will rewire your brain.

2) Move your Body

Getting your body moving also gets your energy moving and can help you let go of the funky energy. Do what makes YOU feel good. Go on a walk, dance around your kitchen to loud music, bike around a lake, do yoga or tai chi, or even go on a drive outside of your usual neighborhood. There is significant research that shows moving your body changes your brain chemistry and brings in more light and happiness.

3) Breathe

Deep, conscious breathing (which is amazing for many things) forces us back into our bodies, back into the "now" moment of being right here now on the planet, and reconnects us with ourselves. Breathe for a few minutes until you feel "here."

4) Conscious Tools

Use conscious, physical tools like flower or gem essences, crystals, or sound to bring you back to yourself.

I highly recommend black tourmaline, moldavite, and morganite during times of overwhelming change. It might seem like an odd combination, but this formula reminds us to be centered in our body and root chakra, to not take on other people's "stuff" (emotions, energies, thoughts), to transform the challenge and raise it to a new level with movement, and to stay centered in your heart.

Flower essences of Rescue Remedy (Bach) or Five Flower, Illumine, Fear-Less, or Self-Heal (all Flower Essence Services) are also helpful.

5) Focus on your Heart

When we get caught up in changes, we can forget that the center of ALL is our heart (in my opinion), and when we open that space, miracles can happen. Opening your heart, even just a little bit, can bring so much more calm and peace. Even if you are moving through a broken heart or feel like it would be hard to open your heart, do it. Just trust me.

Even a sliver cracking open allows a deeper connection to Spirit and God (which ultimately is YOU). Breathe with it. Visualize a sweet pink flower or comfy blanket surrounding it if you have to; do whatever makes it easier for you to open up.

These 5 things may seem simplistic to some, but to me, they are proven methods that shift my energy and bring me clarity. I use these tools often in my own life and encourage my clients to do the same.

What we focus on grows. I personally choose to focus on my heart and keep it open at all times. I choose peace over chaos. And I choose Love over fear. If any of these things are not present in my life, I know something needs to be changed and I grab a crystal or do some breathing, and remember my intents above.

When we can be ourselves and live centered within, these shifting times are not such a challenge. The next time you feel as if your energy, emotions, or just general state of being is a bit “off,” give these 5 tools a try. Do them and see how they help shift your energy back to yourself.

Do you have any other tools or practices that you’ve found helpful? Please share with me in the comments below.

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