5 Simple Ways to Find Clarity & Usher In Peace: Breathe

Clarity is powerful. It can offer us new insight, a fresh perspective.

It happens when we break through old patterns and habits, when we shift our viewpoint even a slight degree, and then the whole world breaks open. We gain a huge amount of  F R E E D O M! We see our lives in a whole new light.

So what happens when things aren’t so crystal clear? How can you bust through the clouds of confusion, distraction, or patterns that keep you stuck in a fog?

Let’s explore 5 simple tools in this new blog series.

1) Breathing

Sounds simple, maybe too simple, no? Well, it is. It’s POWERFULLY simple.

Think about it. Any time you are stressed or in chaos, and you suddenly take a huge deep breath, don’t you feel better? Like you just reconnect and are present again?


That’s what happens. Breathing is SUCH a HUGE, yet sometimes overlooked easy solution to help you find clarity.

Right now, I want you to take a deep breath.

Go deep into your belly, breathe in through your nose, and out your mouth with a loud exhale.

Make some noise if you need to as you exhale.

Don’t be wimpy about it, really take a deep breath right from your core. There ya go!

Now do it again.

Great. Now once more.


When you are in need of a fresh perspective in your life or biz, sit with your question or simply sit quietly. Consciously take a few deep breaths, in from your belly and nose, and exhale out your mouth. Let your mind get clear. Just BE with your question or the clear space, and allow whatever inspiration or insight to come into your heart.

Don’t force it, don’t have expectations of answers, and don’t pressure yourself if you don’t “get” anything.

Taking the time to simply breathe and BE is enough. You might go back to your everyday life afterwards and have a moment of clarity pop into your mind out of the blue.

Cool, huh?

Come back soon for Part 2 of Simple Ways to Find Clarity & Usher In Peace.

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